About company:

MDaemon (formerly Alt-N Technologies) has been developing e-mail and e-mail software for over 20 years. The goal and mission of the company is to help companies around the world easily manage and maintain secure email. MDaemon’s clients include small, medium and large businesses that need an economical and functional corporate communication platform. Companies with limited IT-resources vendor solutions allow you to spend a minimum of money and effort on administration and maintenance. Alt-N products are used by experts in law, medicine, education, industry and public administration.

Facts and figures:

Year of foundation: 1996
Headquarters: Grapevin, Texas, USA
Official website:

Why MDaemon?

◊According to monthly reports published on, MDaemon’s mail server is one of the most widely used mail servers on the Internet.

◊MDaemon Technologies has solutions in its portfolio for both large companies and organizations of the small and medium business segment

◊MDaemon Technologies solutions surpasses solutions of well-known brands in a number of important parameters, which makes it possible to compete successfully with them.

◊MDaemon Technologies products are trusted by customers in more than 90 countries.


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