This software against external email threats, protection against internal email threats, administrator settings, performance features and detailed logs and comprehensive reports. Security Gateway simple and easy-to-use features analyze, manage, and report incoming and outgoing Microsoft Exchange Server email traffic or any other SMTP mail server.

SecurityGateway for mail servers offers simple and easy-to-use features for analyzing, managing, and reporting on incoming and outgoing Microsoft Exchange Server email traffic or any other SMTP mail server. SecurityGateway includes several levels of protection that provide comprehensive protection for your network to prevent spam, phishing, viruses, and other threats from your email messages.

Protection against external threats

SecurityGateway performs many security tests on incoming emails to block external threats from accessing your system. Running multiple incoming message tests helps ensure that spammers do not have a single entry point that they can use.

Protection against internal threats

SecurityGateway is an effective email protection solution that not only blocks threats from external sources on your network, but also from within. Preventing data leakage and protecting SecurityGateway policies helps ensure the security of company confidential data.

Admin Functions

SecurityGateway offers flexible protection with simple and convenient settings for uninterrupted administration. Administrative functions allow you to automate processes, such as adding domains and users.


SecurityGateway can be customized for optimal performance. Setting the security level allows administrators to change the order in which the security rules will be implemented, while bandwidth throttling can be used to prevent the use of all available bandwidth capabilities of postal services.

Detailed logs and comprehensive reports

SecurityGateway provides detailed logs for administrators and users, showing the status of each email (delivered, quarantined, rejected) – and why it was rejected or quarantined. Its comprehensive reporting helps administrators identify mail traffic patterns and potential problems. These logs and reports provide a visual overview of email traffic, as well as anti-virus and anti-spam activity.

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