ActiveSync for MDaemon

ActiveSync for MDaemon

This is a module that synchronizes user default data in tasks, calendars, contacts, and e-mail users with the MDaemon server, WorldClient accounts (MDaemon webmail client) or Outlook (using the Outlook Connector plugin) and mobile records that support ActiveSync.

The ActiveSync for MDaemon module is installed with the MDaemon Email Server, but is licensed separately. ActiveSync can be enabled using the checkbox in the “Setup | Mobile Device Management | ActiveSync menu.

The main features of ActiveSync for MDaemon:

◊No need to install and maintain an intermediate server.

◊A direct connection between the mobile device and the server, which allows you to avoid transmitting information through a third-party network and the associated risks of downtime and security breaches.

◊Ability to fully control compliance with IT policies.

Other features of the ActiveSync for MDaemon product include setting policies for device access, remote wipe of data, automatic device discovery, multiple folder synchronization, global address search, encrypted SSL transmissions, creating white and black lists of devices, disconnecting from inactive devices and monitoring use protocols for devices.

Distinctive characteristics of ActiveSync for MDaemon

ActiveSync for MDaemon provides the highest level of integration with the latest mobile devices, including iPhone / iPad, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile / Windows Phone, and is available for most mobile platforms. The solution minimizes the amount of data transmitted over the mobile network.

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