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Dear colleagues,

To develop long-term and productive cooperation, we strive to provide our partners with the highest level of support and offer a wide range of competences, resources and services: 

• Food consulting

• Technical Consulting

• Financial support

• Affiliate Marketing

Food consulting

The IT market is represented by a huge number of IT solutions from different manufacturers, and each software has its own requirements and features.

– How to understand all the variety of products presented?

– What software solutions will help to solve the task?

– How to choose the optimal product by the ratio of “function – cost”?

In these matters, partners can count on the assistance of AXOFT Ukraine specialists.

We are ready:

– Provide support in the selection of IT solutions in the following areas: systems for ensuring information security, infrastructure, office, scientific software, etc .;

– Help with the selection of optimal licensing schemes and prepare a specification,

– To support in cooperation with the vendor in questions of authorization and protection of projects;

– Take part in preparing and holding meetings and presentations with the customer;

– To support in questions of business development on the product line you are interested in;

– Train sales managers.

Technical Consulting

The experience and qualification of technical personnel play a key role in the implementation of major IT projects. Often, the results of the technical consultation become a decisive factor in the acceptance of the customer’s positive decision on cooperation.

What we offer to our partners:

– Organize a pilot project;

– Prepare a comparative analysis of the technical characteristics of the selected solutions;

– Provide technical advice for you and your customers;

– Assist in the preparation of technical and commercial proposals for your customers.

Financial support

Aksoft understands the importance of financial sustainability in business, the price of risks and the need for support from business partners. That’s why we are not only ready to provide financial assistance to our partners, but we are constantly working to expand the number of services in this area.

At the moment, to its reliable and trusted partners, ACSoft offers credit support in the form of a deferred payment. Due to the use of own resources, the decision to provide a credit line is made quickly and is based on the experience of cooperation and its prospects. The amount of the credit line and the delay time are individual and determined by a number of parameters, among which is the current business volume of the partner company with AXOFT, positive experience of cooperation, reputation of the partner in the market,

 Affiliate Marketing

AXOFT Company welcomes initiative partners and will be glad to support you if you aspire:

– to win new customers and increase the loyalty of existing ones;

– develop the market and create demand;

– grab a new territory or segment;

– to form competitive advantages of your company.

We are open to cooperation in the field of joint marketing initiatives, we have the necessary resources and will be glad to joint projects, such as:

– Intramural events: seminars, conferences, round tables, business dinners for your customers;

– online seminars that are held remotely using web-technologies;

– incentive actions for end customers or your employees;

– low-budget and free projects;

– advertising, PR-campaigns, etc.

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