About company:

A leading software vendor that enables application developers and database professionals to efficiently design, create and use applications and databases in heterogeneous IT environments. Over 90 Fortune 100 companies and an active community with more than 3 million users worldwide use Embarcadero products extensively. These products allow them to reduce costs, optimize compliance processes, accelerate solution development and innovation. If you are looking for fast ways to write stable code that will pass strict code inspection faster than its counterparts, then Embarcadero is just what you need.

Facts and figures:

Year of foundation: 1993
Headquarters: San Francisco, California (USA)
Official website:

Why Embarcadero?

♦ Embarcadero provides professional software developers with unique tools for designing, building, optimizing and managing databases and applications on different platforms and programming languages.

♦ With the acquisition of CodeGear from Borland in 2008, Embarcadero solutions are now used by over 3 million professionals around the world. Developer tools are used in 90 of the world’s 100 largest companies in an especially demanding vertical IT industry.


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