Provides a fast, powerful, modern C ++; a single compiler, a single debugger, a single IDE, excellent libraries on four platforms and allows you to speed up your development, focus on your code and bring the application to the market faster than with any other C ++ toolkit.

Newest C ++: Enhanced Clang C ++ Compiler

C ++ Builder includes an advanced compiler based on Clang for Windows (32 and 64), iOS, and Android. Use this compiler on all platforms for fast and reliable development. Contains significant language syntax extensions for efficient programming that have not yet been included in standard C ++, including properties and automatic reference counting (ARC), which you will like very much. Full backward compatibility for older C ++. It already has full support for C ++ 11, and support for C ++ 17 and Linux is expected in the near future.

If you have to deal with other C ++ IDEs, the ease of supporting different platforms in C ++ Builder will make you open your eyes wide. And if you are used to other languages, combining C ++ with our libraries will make you feel at home.


A single compiler, a single UI library (with support for native controls), a single IDE, a single set of libraries and frameworks. Full support for four platforms and this is not the limit.

Tired of rewriting several UI options for one application? With the help of multi-device designer, you can once create the foundation of your UI and optimize it for any platform or even device. For example, create a mobile UI, and then quickly and easily get a UI for the OS or iPad with a truly native appearance and behavior.

FireMonkey UI framework – due to the vectorization and use of the GPU – provides an incomparable UI speed and quality of rendering. It even supports “native” controls – for example, real buttons in Windows or real text fields in iOS – and does not imitate them, as do other cross-platform frameworks.

Databases, REST, web, cloud services and IoT, libraries for communication with applications running on any platform and device. Stop messing around with a lot of libraries and designers: halve development time. Use App Tethering to link the application on the tablet or Mac with the Windows version of the same application.

IDE and built-in debugger

Superb IDE and built-in debugger – We invented many things that other IDEs later included.

◊C ++ code completion and parameters (code completion)

◊ Renaming in refactoring

◊After following the values ​​in debugging with local variables

◊ Object inspector

◊ Conditional and logging breakpoints

◊Advanced prompts with current values

◊Open debugging Inspection and evaluation and much more.

The most severe developers will like our unusually powerful window of assembly code representation.

Desktop applications – unparalleled support for native controls

VCL is a comprehensive, unparalleled library supporting native elements of the Windows user interface, which provides capabilities more than any other library.

It is completely native, truly object-oriented, with support for properties, events, and a visual editor with customized visual presentation styles. Provides a huge number of controls for any version of the OS, including Windows 10, and incredible support for your own items, if you decide to write your own.

Fast development. For any scale of development

C ++ Builder is very popular with developers of scientific, engineering and medical programs, mobile applications, corporate and information systems, from light desktop applications to giant multi-tier solutions. It has excellent libraries for serious development, and creates native executable modules. Besides the fact that the compiler optimizes application performance, and libraries and frameworks save valuable development time, you also get a great opportunity to quickly create cross-platform applications.