Ultra-fast, scalable and embedded SQL-DBMS with data protection capabilities for commercial level, disaster recovery and synchronization of changes.

InterBase – DBMS that supports the standards of the SQL language. Starting with SQL92, all the features added to InterBase strictly follow industry standards. By supporting Unicode, InterBase is ideal for any character set and is widely used around the world.

InterBase provides a full set of SQL language features, including multiple join. unicode

Custom Exceptions

InterBase makes it possible to create databases that support rules for stored data. When working with server-side stored procedures and triggers that are triggered before the data is modified, you can raise user-defined exceptions on the server if invalid data is passed.

Multi-platform support

Work InterBase is certified on any of the platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iOS, which allows you to develop one, and then post to others. InterBase also supports connection to various heterogeneous OS on any of the supported platforms. Combined with a single data file format on different platforms, InterBase works fine throughout the development cycle, greatly simplifying and reducing the effort required for managing changes, configuration and testing.

Storing data on clients and server

Available in variants from a single-user, deeply embedded in the application database, to a database server with hundreds of concurrent users, InterBase provides industrial-level data warehouses on both the server and clients, ensuring online and offline applications.

InterBase is available in two forms: the Installed Server, Server, Developer and Trial editions, and the Deeply Embedded version, which does not require a preinstallation and is presented in the InterBase ToGo / free IBLite editions.

InterBase ToGo / IBLite can be used without an InterBase server as an embedded database on a variety of platforms (including iOS and Android). Using InterBase as a local storage reduces the need for network traffic, reducing cost and improving performance and responsiveness. Change Views provides an infrastructure to ensure the relevance of stored data with minimal effort.

Quick installation

InterBase Server is equipped with a built-in installer, which immediately installs InterBase Server and Client drivers, which is a competitive advantage. Instead of installing the Client driver, loading InterBase ToGo (or IBLite) will add local storage to the client.

Single format of data files on disk

InterBase uses a single file format with data on all platforms. This simplifies development on a platform of your choice and deployment of applications throughout. Throughout the entire product life cycle, from description to creation, testing and deployment, the unified data format allows you to quickly support and test even mobile applications directly from the developer’s PC. In addition, with a single data encryption model, the number of fine tunings in configuration is reduced, usually associated with customization for a specific platform.

Cross-platform encryption

How much do you care that others can read your data? Data security is important on all your servers and devices. InterBase supports both weak DES and strong AES 256bit encryption in two elements. 1) encryption of network traffic and 2) database encryption during storage. InterBase encryption tools are built into the database as part of a single cross-platform data file format that allows InterBase to protect data anywhere and at any time during the development process.

Data visibility is controlled by a specialist connected to SYSDSO up to the level of individual columns, which protects confidential data and from developers, unless your DSO (Data Security Officer) allows them access. Protection at the level of the columns significantly reduces the risk of disclosure when changing requirements and refactoring the product, because The visibility of the data is stored at the data storage level.

In addition to supporting the separation of user rights based on roles, which can be tied to data encryption, InterBase also supports a special encryption key for backup. This key does not allow you to read data, but it makes it possible to create encrypted backups in accordance with the needs of console backup commands that are designed to run on a given schedule.

Quick and Easy

With InterBase, you can rely on the power of SMP technology to speed up your applications with one of the fastest native DBMS in the world. InterBase uses modern multi-core CPUs and multi-CPU systems to simultaneously find or modify data along with a unique version of the architecture and advanced caching of disk I / O.

Small overheads

The smallest InterBase takes only a few megabytes. Small disk space and small memory requirements make it ideal as a commercial embedded DBMS for a wide range of devices from laptops to tablets and smartphones. As you scale InterBase with your application, you can take advantage of more powerful servers or configure it to work only in memory to achieve increased speed, and use logging to ensure reliable write to disk.

Easy installation and deployment

Installation InterBase Server can be built into your own installer or run separately. The InterBase installation can be performed in a minute and, unlike some DBMSs, does not require a three-day training in order to only configure an empty database.

As for InterBase ToGo, there is no installation at all! Place the InterBase libraries along with your application, and you will get client access and a local data store with full access to tools such as Change Views and sharing access.