Trend Micro announced the improvement of the level of protection workstations

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, has announced improvements to its offer to secure workstations. The product, which has undergone rebranding and has received the name Trend Micro Apex One™, sets a new level of security for workstations thanks to a wide range of new features available through a single software agent, managed from a local area network or within the SaaS infrastructure. The new offer from the company offers a simple way to significantly increase the effectiveness of automatic detection and response to complex threats, as well as provides up-to-date information on the state of protection, providing the maximum level of security for customers, the company said in a press release.

Information security professionals are increasingly overworked with the products that are required to protect endpoints. Increasing the number of alerts from security systems and logs that you want to monitor creates obstacles to respond promptly to advanced threats.

«The latest version of our program includes improvements that help solve the most common end-point security issues in the industry today, “says Kevin Simzer, executive director of Trend Micro. “Despite the claims of some so-called” next-generation vendors “, effective protection requires several levels of protection, which is a fundamental element of our strategy. Apex One ™ is a good choice for companies seeking to crowd out traditional anti-virus or looking for next-generation solutions».

Trend Micro Apex One™ offers customers the following three key features:

• Automatic detection and response:

Apex One ™ is based on XGen ™ security technology, a combination of multi-generation protection features and intelligent use of the right technology at the right time. Thanks to the Zero Day Initiative, under the auspices of Trend Micro, the product provides the most operational in the industry virtual patches for vulnerabilities, as well as protection technologies against the latest threats and complex attacks, such as non-file malicious code.

• Provision of up-to-date information:

Apex One ™ offers significantly enhanced Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities on workstations. Additionally, the Trend Micro Remote Detection and Response Service (MDR) is offered, providing expert support teams with threat control and monitoring alerts.

• Complexity of the solution:

Apex One ™ offers the widest industry-wide range of features offered through a single software agent, while many vendors still offer two or more programs. In particular, this is a multifunctional EDR Apex One ™ system that includes automated detection and response tools that simplify deployment processes and eliminate blind areas.

«Currently, decision-makers in the field of information technology can be confused with the emerging noise in the cybersecurity market. As for the safety of the workstations, I urge you to focus on actual performance, security enhancements, and flexibility of each solution being considered”, said Doug Cahill, senior cyber security analyst and ESG director. “Offering Auto Detection and Threat Investigation (EDR) capabilities in one agent, capable of providing all necessary protection promptly, Trend Micro offers the most up-to-date approach to endpoint protection.».

«In our work, we are faced with constant security challenges that require protection from growing threats, such as non-file malware and extortion programs, as well as compliance with security standards,” said Tim Masey, Carhartt Cybersecurity Director . “Currently, Trend Micro provides us with an effective endpoint security system, and we place high hopes on the advanced capabilities of Apex One™».

The form factor of the product, available from November 2018, as a single software agent, simplifies the deployment process at the same time and at the same time meets the most up-to-date security requirements. Apex One ™ is a substantially enhanced version of an existing Trend Micro OfficeScan product; Current OfficeScan users will receive Apex One ™ as a regular update without additional surcharges; Some features, such as the EDR investigation function, will require the purchase of an additional license.

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