Special offer from Embarcadero vendor

Terms: when purchasing a C ++ Builder license, Delphi or RAD Studio, you will receive from 15 to 23 months (instead of 12 months) support and updates for Architect, Enterprise and Professional editions of version 10.3.

◊ Architect – 23 months.

◊Enterprise -18 months

◊Professional – 15 months

Licensing: when buying a license for 1 year.

Territory: Ukraine

Validity of the action: until December 29, 2018. Promotion is over

Get started with the new version 10.3 of Rio from Embarcadero now and get all the updates during the main and additional subscription period.

Important: when applying this promotion in your order, in the description of the heading you must specify 15 months of maintenance (either 18 or 23 depending on the edition of the product).

If you have any questions regarding the promotion or licensing, please contact the Sales and Development Department of AXOFT Ukraine by calling +38 044 201 03 03 or by e-mail:

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