MAXON’s MoGraph module in Cinema 4D received an award

The MoGraph module in Cinema 4D became one of the winners of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded with a science and technology award. The award recognizes technological advances that “demonstrate a proven track record that makes a significant contribution to the film making process,” says the Academy’s official release.

The Academy praised MAXON developer Per-Anders Edwards for the initial design and development of the MoGraph toolkit, which “provides a fast, procedural and intuitive workflow for motion graphics designers to create animated three-dimensional graphics used to develop titles and fictional user interfaces in movies “.

“MAXON is proud to be able to facilitate the work of the best and brightest talents. We congratulate and thank Per for his pioneering work on MoGraph tools for Cinema 4D, while at the same time celebrating the contribution of the entire company to this incredible achievement, ”said David McGavran, CEO. “Our goal is to constantly update our software to simplify the work of artists who create complex visual effects. MoGraph, of course, embodies this philosophy “

The Academy’s science and technology prizes are awarded to men, women and companies, the discoveries and innovations of which have made a significant and long-lasting contribution to the creation of films. Nine technical achievements presented by 27 individual laureates will be honored at the annual presentation of the Academy’s scientific and technical awards on Saturday, February 9, 2019, in Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills. The presentation of the scientific and technical awards of the Sci-Tech Awards has become the main event of the Academy Awards season.

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