MathWorks announced a new version of Matlab and Simulink

MathWorks introduced new products and important enhancements for artificial intelligence (AI), signal processing and static analysis, as well as new features and bug fixes for all product families.

“One of the key problems in the transition of AI from the announcement to production is that organizations hire “experts” of AI and try to teach them expert knowledge in the field of engineering. With the R2019a, MathWorks allows engineers to quickly and efficiently expand their AI skills, whether developing controllers and decision-making systems using reinforcement learning, learning deep learning models on Nvidia DGX and cloud platforms, or applying deep learning to three-dimensional data,” said David Rich, director of marketing at Matlab.

Artificial Intelligence

R2019a introduces learning tools to further enhance Matlab’s workflow for artificial intelligence. The new toolkit facilitates the type of machine learning that teaches the “agent” through repeated interactions through trial and error with the environment to solve control and decision-making problems. This toolkit confirms the company’s commitment to artificial intelligence based on the introduction of the R2018b Deep Learning Toolbox last fall, which was expanded with support for the NVIDIA GPU cloud computing, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, as well as compatibility with support for the ONNX exchange format. Further support for AI in R2019a includes significant improvements in Computer Vision Toolbox, Data Acquisition Toolbox and Image Acquisition Toolbox.

Signal processing

R2019a offers several new signal processing and communications products to support wireless and electronic devices, including:

Mixed-Signal Blockset is an add-on to Simulink that provides fast model building, quick modeling, and a deep understanding of the models of designing systems with mixed signals using special analysis and visualization tools.

SerDes Toolbox is an add-on to Simulink, which offers the SerDes Designer application for quickly designing, analyzing and modeling wired communication transmitters and receivers.

The SoC Blockset is an add-on to Simulink that allows you to model and explore FPGA, ASIC and SoC architectures, collaborative modeling of algorithms and hardware platforms, as well as performance monitoring and bottleneck detection.

Static analysis

R2019a has also made remarkable progress in the Polyspace static analysis product line. This includes new products that support the use of these products across the enterprise to design and develop software critical to security and business:

Polyspace Bug Finder Access and Polyspace Code Prover Access are new Polyspace products that allow teams of up to several hundred participants to work together. The new products provide a web browser interface for the results of the static analysis of the Polyspace code and the quality indicators stored in the central repository.

Polyspace Bug Finder Server and Polyspace Code Prover Server are new Polyspace products that allow the static analysis mechanism to work on a server class computer with build automation tools. New products automate and integrate Polyspace into software development processes to automatically assign defects, send notifications and upload results to Polyspace Access products.

You can buy Matlab and Simulink R2019a, products from MathWorks are available for sale.

About MathWorks

MathWorks is a leading developer of mathematical computing software. MATLAB, the language of engineers and scientists, is a software environment for the development of algorithms, data analysis, visualization and numerical calculations. Simulink is a flowchart environment for modeling and model-based design for multi-domain dynamic and embedded engineering systems.

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