Improve business communication with MDaemon

   Are you looking for a way to improve communication and collaboration in your business? If this is the case, most likely you are already heavily dependent on email as the main method of maintaining contact with customers and colleagues. Given the confidence of any modern business in e-mail, only one e-mail server is usually not suitable for work in all but the most rarely used cases. You need a system that not only simplifies the setup and support of basic email protocols, but also requires something that provides reliable protection and extensive customization options. In the end, each business has a unique set of operational goals, and your task is to make sure that the technology choices you make are exactly in line with these goals, says MDaemon Technologies, a press release.

   MDaemon Messaging Server is more than just an e-mail server. This allows you to block your systems using the best-in-class security. Recently, developers also began to provide a deployed version of the e-mail server using private cloud technologies to provide increased security without the need for independent creation and support of complex and expensive internal infrastructures. This makes MDaemon Messaging Server more suitable for smaller companies. In addition, built-in mobile management features (MDMs) allow administrators to know exactly who uses their email accounts and when. They can prevent data leaks, as well as centralized management of any number of devices.

   The new edition of the program contains many fixes, as well as added address verification and an improved graphical interface. If you go from other programs to the MDaemon product, you can enjoy a particularly fast and easy transition, more detailed on the official website.

   MDaemon develops e-mail and e-mail software for the global SMB market. Founded in 1996, its products are trusted by small and medium-sized enterprises in more than 90 countries and 25 languages. The flagship products of the company, MDaemon Messaging Server and SecurityGateway for mail servers can be deployed in local cloud or private local environments. MDaemon products include state-of-the-art encryption and email protection technologies and require minimal maintenance and administration for work and maintenance. The company uses a network of global distributors and resellers to sell and support their products.

   You can get MDaemon Messaging Server by contacting AXOFT Ukraine Sales and Development, by calling +38 044 201 03 03 or by e-mail

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