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A global manufacturer of powerful message processing systems for enterprises of all sizes and activities. Based on ten years of experience developing corporate e-mail platforms, IceWarp offers customers a single, highly secure solution for providing mobile employees with e-mail, synchronization functions for mobile devices, SMS support, chat, Internet telephony on the SIP standard, and audio-visual communication tools on a wide range of hardware platforms – including Windows and Linux. IceWarp solutions are easily scalable and can be successfully used by organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations, ensuring easy deployment and high reliability.

Facts and figures:

Year of foundation: 2001
Headquarters: Springfield, Virginia, USA
Official website:

Why IceWarp?

IceWarp is suitable for organizations of any size and type of activity, simplifying their communication and bringing benefits.
♦ Highly profitable – 25% of the cost of ownership of Microsoft Exchange, fast self-sufficiency, lack of strict hardware requirements for hardware.
♦ Easy to deploy – zero downtime during migration, installation and configuration for a few minutes, built-in migration tool.
♦ Cross-platform – support for Windows and Linux, ease of migration from one system to another.


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