F-Secure won awards from the AV-TEST Institute for the best protection

F-Secure Protection Service for Business (PSB) and F-Secure SAFE have been thoroughly tested by AV-TEST to receive awards.

“F-Secure SAFE and PSB Computer Protection products provided the highest level of security services during 2018, which AV-TEST recognized as its Best Protection 2018 award,” says AV-TEST technical director Mike Morgenstern.

AV-TEST tests solutions for Windows platforms on a monthly basis and awards the award for best protection for solutions that work best throughout the year. AV-TEST experts evaluate security products that protect against real threats, rather than theoretically evaluated in simulated testing conditions.

Tests are based on the use of many types of attacks, these are attacks using infected emails, downloads from websites, zero-day malware and others. Companies need to be sure that all their devices are protected from all threats, such as extortionists and data breaches. Consumers get a complete peace of mind with protection from viruses, Trojans, extortionists, knowing that their Internet banking is protected and that their whole family can safely use the Internet.

Mika Stolberg, CTO of F-Secure, proudly notes that “the strict testing process of AV-TEST shows how we try when it comes to protecting people and businesses. It’s great to be recognized for all our hard work, and we’re the best again.”

F-Secure has laboratories with a world-class research team and an active threat research team that uses attack techniques to identify and anticipate emerging threats. F-Secure uses a combination of both human experience and artificial intelligence to protect its clients: consultants on four continents respond to incidents, examine and eliminate data leaks.

“I think these victories show our continued commitment to protecting people and organizations who trust us,” Stolberg comments. “We would not have received this recognition from AV-TEST seven times without our constant investments in the best personnel and the creation of the best protection technologies that meet consistently high standards. Day after day, year after year”, he concluded.


AV-TEST is an independent provider of IT security and antivirus research services, focusing on detecting and analyzing the latest malware and using it in comprehensive comparative testing of security products.

About F-Secure

F-Secure is a manufacturer of software solutions for protecting against viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, spam and unauthorized intrusions. The company also produces security solutions for workstations, servers, gateways, smartphones and other mobile devices.

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