F-Secure introduced a new endpoint protection solution Rapid Detection & Response

Solutions and prevention of endpoint protection are very effective when it comes to combating cyber threats, such as malware. F-Secure and its managed service providers now provide businesses with even better weapons with the new F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response and its innovative features, including Broad Context Detection ™ and Elevate to F-Secure.

F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response, available through F-Secure’s global partner network, is an industry-leading end-point detection and response (EDR) solution that monitors organizations ’IT environments and their security status to detect suspicious behavior, says company message.

It provides contextual visibility for the automatic identification and visualization of advanced threats by combining light endpoint sensors with advanced data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

The solution, developed by an experienced threat search team, allows you to use your own IT team or a local, managed and certified service provider supported by F-Secure experts to protect your organization from advanced threats.

Broad Context Detection ™ narrows data and differentiates patterns of malicious behavior from regular user behavior to quickly identify real attacks, which significantly reduces the number of alerts that IT staff must pay attention to.

According to an EMA study, 79% of security personnel are overwhelmed with a large number of warnings about threats, and they are forced to send out most of the alerts that are triggered daily every day, without attention. Verizon’s data breach report in 2018 Verizon reveals that 68% of violations take months or more to detect, and overloading security warnings, including false alarms, can tire on company IT personnel with constant alarms.

“F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response quickly detects targeted attacks and allows you to effectively respond to incidents with built-in automation to stop attacks when they occur,” explains Jyrki Tulokas, vice president of products and services, Cyber ​​Security in F-Secure.

However, some detections may require more in-depth threat analysis and guidance from specialized cybersecurity experts. F-Secure’s rapid detection and response has been enhanced with the ability to send tough incidents to threat hunters.

This service is activated by selecting the F-Secure “Promote” feature on demand. It employs cybersecurity experts from the F-Secure 24/7 monitoring and response team. It has now become available as an on-demand promotion service to provide expert advice on how to deter and eliminate targeted attacks.

“In this unique service, F-Secure cybersecurity security experts analyze methods and technologies, network routes, traffic origins and time frames when an attack is detected,” says Tulokas. “This means that companies can now be confident that the required skills and resources will respond to even the toughest targeted attacks.”

F-Secure’s unified endpoint protection, detection, and intelligent response are cloudy managed and provide one client for Windows and MacOS. It also works in conjunction with other endpoint security vendor software.

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