About company:

Vembu has ventured into the Backup & Disaster Recovery market in 2002. Since then, the only focus is on building a comprehensive data protection solution.
Over the last 15+ years, Vembu has set footprints around the globe and is trusted by several companies in different sectors like private, public and government to protect their critical data.
We constantly work towards enhancing our solution to ensure data protection and business continuity for the IT infrastructure of every business.

Facts and figures:

Year of foundation: 2002
Headquarters: Carson City, Nevada, USA
Official website:

Why Vembu?

Vembu created strong partnerships with industry-leading technology vendors to provide high availability to the data centers with diverse requirements. Our technology partners include data center players – VMware, NetApp, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Red Hat and public cloud providers – Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft.


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