Windows Embedded/IoT

About company:

Microsoft Corporation is the largest international software developer for personal computers, game consoles, PDAs, mobile phones. Microsoft products are sold in more than 80 countries, programs are translated into more than 45 languages. MS Windows 10 IoT (formerly Windows Embedded) is a family of embedded operating systems for use in specialized devices. There are several categories of products for creating a wide range of devices, ranging from simple real-time controllers to POS systems, such as a self-service kiosk or cash register and industrial systems.

Facts and figures:

Year of foundation: 1975
Headquarters: Redmond, Washington, USA
Official website:

Why Microsoft?

Microsoft is the most famous software developer. The clients of the corporation are millions of users: from individual customers, medium and small businesses to the world’s largest corporations, government and educational institutions;

Providing the company with comprehensive support of partners: marketing programs, promotions, training and certification, technical support and much more;

A wide range of software: server products, products for business, operating systems, etc.


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