Windows Embedded POSReady

Windows Embedded POSReady

A family of operating systems for retail, banking, digital signage and POS. Windows Embedded POSReady is complemented by the POS for .NET framework and the Plug-n-Play interface for POS peripherals, so OEMs are quicker to adapt the OS to sales and banking.

These are ready-made operating systems, but when installed, you can reduce the size of the image and eliminate unnecessary drivers, languages, and components.


Core Windows

Support up to

You can buy up to

Windows Embedded POSReady 2009

Windows XP



Windows Embedded POSReady 7

Windows 7



Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry

Windows 8.1




In the releases of Windows Embedded POSReady 7 and 8.1 Industry, different types of licenses are available, and the choice depends on the scope of your device.

Windows Embedded POSReady 7 editions

POSReady 7Retail, kiosks, digital signage and similar devices
POSReady 7 ProATM

Editions Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry

Industry ProNo restrictions
Industry Pro RetailRetail, kiosks, digital signage and similar devices
Industry Pro for TabletsIndustrial tablets with touch screen < 10.1″
Industry Pro for Small TabletsIndustrial tablets with touch screen < 9″


Licenses for all cases

Six variants of licenses for different use cases and device form factors.

Up to three months of free testing

It is possible to download a test version. Details specify in the Sales and Development Department “AXOFT Ukraine”.

Before installation, carefully read the download description, installation and activation rules. To extend the test period in some editions of the OS you will need a trial key of the product, which can be obtained through the managers of “AXOFT”.

Reusable activation key

With the Windows Embedded POSReady license or Windows Embedded Industry, you will receive a reusable product key. One such key is activated by thousands of devices, so you do not need to enter a new key for each copy of the OS.

Do not need to activate

Windows Embedded POSReady 7 and POSReady 2009 do not need to be activated after installation. Windows Embedded Industry 8.1 Pro is activated via the Internet, a proxy server or by phone.

Specifications Windows Embedded POSReady

 Industry 8.1POSReady 7POSReady 2009
CoreWindows 8.1Windows 7
OS lockYesYesТолько File-Based Write Filter
Branding OSYesNoNo
BrowserInternet Explorer 11Internet Explorer 11Internet Explorer 8
MultimediaWindows Media Player 12
Silverlight 4.0
Windows Media Player 12
Silverlight 4.0
Windows Media Player 11
Silverlight 4.0
Support touchscreenYesYesNo
.NET.NET Framework 4.7.NET Framework 4.7.NET Framework 4.0
Support for UWP-applicationsYesNoNo
Activation after installationYesNoNo
Reusable keyYesYesYes

POS.NET Framework

In the operating systems of the POSReady line, the Microsoft POS for .NET framework is built in. This is a class library with which developers develop applications and drivers faster for cash registers, payment terminals and POS-systems.

Differences between Windows Embedded POSReady and Windows Embedded Standard

TemplatesNo templates: complete installation with all possible packagesThere is, the installation is more flexible due to the component system
Installing driversAll drivers required for device operation are installedOnly the selected drivers are installed

System requirements Windows Embedded POSReady

 Industry 8.1POSReady 7POSReady 2009
CPU1 GHz1 GHzPentium II 233-MHz


1 GB (32 bit),
2 GB (64 bit)

1 GB (32 bit),
2 GB (64 bit)

512 MB

HDD16 GB (32 bit)
20 GB (32 bit)
16 GB (32 bit)
20 GB (32 bit)

520 МB