This is the development environment for JavaScript, which is suitable for client-side development, creating applications on Node.js and mobile applications on React Native.

The main advantage of WebStorm is a handy and clever editor for JavaSpript, HTML and CSS, which also supports TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Dart, Less, Sass and Stylus and frameworks, for example, Angular, React and Vue.js.

WebStorm, like other IDEs on the IntelliJ IDEA platform, makes development easier and more convenient. WebStorm provides highlighting and code completion, checks it for errors, helps you quickly navigate through the project and safely make changes with the help of refactorings. WebStorm has tools for debugging code and integration with version control systems.

WebStorm really understands the structure of your project and code, detects possible problems even before you open the project in the browser, and offers their solution. Built-in IDE testing tools will help in the development and make it more convenient and productive.

Key Features

◊ debug client-side-, Node.js- and React Native-applications directly in WebStorm

◊help when working with applications on Angular, React, Vue.js, Electron and Meteor

◊Integration with version control systems Git, GitHub, Subversion, Perforce and Mercurial

◊Integration with error tracking systems (ESLint, JSHint, JSLint, TSLint and StyleLint)

Live Edit allows you to instantly see the results of your changes in CSS, HTML and JavaScript project files in the browser without reloading the page. Live Edit is available in JavaScript debugging mode and works in the Google Chrome browser with JetBrains IDE Support pre-installed.

WebStorm supports modern languages ​​compiled in JavaScript, such as TypeScript, CoffeeScript and the new version of JavaScript – ECMAScript 2017, offering code completion, error checking, refactoring and debugging.

WebStorm allows you to effectively develop applications on Node.js and supports full debugging of Node.js applications. A new application can be created using the Node.js Express template, and the necessary modules can be easily installed via npm, without using the command line.

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