This is a block diagram tool for multi-domain imitation and model design. The solution supports system building, simulation, automatic code generation and continuous testing of embedded systems. Simulink provides a graphical editor, custom flowchart libraries, ready-made programs for solving simulation problems and simulating dynamic systems. This product integrates with MATLAB, allowing you to combine all MATLAB algorithms into models and export simulation results for further analysis.

Key benefits:

◊Graphic editor for building and managing block diagram hierarchy

◊Libraries of ready-made blocks for modeling continuous and discrete systems

◊Imitation of the engine with fixed and variation pitch of the ODE solver

◊Display of borders and data for easy viewing of simulation results

◊Project and data management tools for organizing files and model data

◊Model analysis tools to improve their architecture and increase modeling speed

◊Import MATLAB algorithms into the model using a special block of functions

◊Tool for importing C / C ++ code into models

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