It is a tool for extending the standard features of the integrated development environment of Microsoft Visual Studio. This solution adds the possibility of detailed code analysis on the fly, automation of refactoring, fast navigation and provides helper functions for writing code. Supporting C #, VB.NET, XAML, XML, ASP.NET, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML and CSS, ReSharper makes programming in Visual Studio much faster and more convenient.

Key Features

Static analysis of code quality and automatic correction of detected problems. For all supported languages, ReSharper recognizes compilation errors, run-time and logical errors, as well as redundant and suboptimal constructs, and highlights the problems found right in the editor. More than a thousand inspections that ReSharper uses to search for problems in the code will allow you to instantly see all the potentially dangerous places in the current file or even in the entire Visual Studio solution. For most of them, ReSharper will offer one or more options for automatic correction.

New functions in the editor

When working in the editor, you quickly get used to useful ReSharper trivia, such as code syntax highlighting, improved IntelliSense, automatic import of assemblies, hundreds of context actions, built-in character documentation, reordering code fragments and much more.

Code cleaning, unified naming and formatting settings

The mechanism for storing ReSharper settings allows you to synchronize them within the team, if necessary, combining personal and command settings. This mechanism is especially useful for settings related to code design standards, such as character naming and formatting. The code cleanup function allows you to quickly reformat the code after changing the settings, insert or update the file headers, and apply a number of other actions to bring the existing code into compliance with internal standards.

Help in localizing applications

ReSharper greatly simplifies the work with multilingual .NET applications, supporting both .resx files, and using resources in C #, VB.NET, ASP.NET and XAML. You can easily transfer the rows to resources and redefine their values ​​for other cultures, quickly find the use of the resource in the code, rename and safely delete resources.

Instant search and navigation

ReSharper offers new features for navigation and searching in source code and assemblies, including .NET Framework assembly. To search for any file, type, method, variable, you need to press a few keys. From any character in the code, you can instantly jump to the base and derived symbols, uses, implementations, and overrides. For any type, ReSharper builds a visual inheritance hierarchy with the ability to navigate to any node. If the desired character is in an external assembly, ReSharper will access the source server or decompile the assembly.

Code generation and templates

ReSharper has several different functions for working with repetitive code structures. Generating code for a type will quickly add constructors, method overrides, properties, delegates, and other members. The built-in templates cover most common constructs, such as try … catch and if … else, and a special template editor will help you create any other necessary templates. In addition, ReSharper allows you to use methods, variables and even classes that have not been declared: all necessary ads will be generated automatically.

Code refactoring

A set of refactorings, offered by ReSharper, surpasses the similar functionality of Visual Studio both in terms of the number of functions and the convenience of using them. In addition to the refactorings, which are mainly oriented to scale transformations, ReSharper includes hundreds of contextual actions for small transformations.

Toolkit for working with unit-tests

ReSharper recognizes the tests NUnit, MSTest, xUnit, QUnit and Jasmine, and allows you to run or debug them directly from the editor or from the specialized Unit Test Sessions window. Test sessions can be combined from an arbitrary number of tests and run in parallel.

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