F-Secure Radar

F-Secure Radar

This is a platform for scanning and managing a turnkey vulnerability. It allows you to identify and manage both internal and external threats, report risks and comply with current and future standards (for example, compliance with PCI and GDPR). This gives you visibility into shadow IT — displaying the entire attack surface and responding to critical vulnerabilities associated with cyber threats.

Scan and manage vulnerabilities in one solution

Dashboard Safety Center
Keep track of the current status of vulnerabilities and incidents, prepare standard and custom reports of risks and compliance

Internet asset discovery
List the possible attack vectors with Internet rating and web threats.

Match your attack surface with a network scan and port scan.

Vulnerability Scanning
Scanning systems and web applications for publicly available vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Management
Centralized Vulnerability Management with Security and Forensic Alerts

PCI DSS Compatibility
Ensure compliance with current and future data loss risk mitigation rules.

Identify and identify possible threats

Unlike any other vulnerability management solution on the market today, F-Secure Radar uses web-scanning technology called Internet Asset Discovery, which also covers a deep network. Thanks to this, you can perform a variety of tasks: from threat assessment to business intelligence. In other words, Radar allows you to easily view all targets in order to quickly identify risks and potentially vulnerable connections, as well as expand a possible attack surface outside of your own network.

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