PitStop Server

PitStop Server

This solution is a tool that provides the broadest possible prepress processing and editing of documents, allowing you to organize workflow with maximum efficiency. In fact, it is a standalone application that provides the broadest possibilities for prepress processing and automatic correction of large volumes of PDF documents. This product provides all the features of PitStop Pro, allowing you to perform them automatically. To start working with the program, you need to “drag” the necessary PDF documents into the “folder”, after which the Enfocus PitStop Server will automatically process the files. Enfocus PitStop Server allows you to fix common problems in all PDFs, correct colors in PDF files for a specific external device, add watermarks, stamps, background matte and much more.

Enfocus Certified PDF technology is fully integrated into the PitStop Server package. The basis of this technology is based on the use of PDF profiles, which ensure the performance of inspections, certification and automatic patching. The solution supports the most common profiles (such as PDF / X-1a, PDF / X-3 and Ghent PDF Workgroup).

Since professionals have to work with numerous PDF documents, the most important of these files can be certified. When you receive a document, PitStop Server immediately recognizes Certified PDF files and processes them faster than non-certified documents.

The extended action list library automates the process of performing repetitive editing operations. PitStop Server successfully handles actions such as paginating a document, changing colors, adding fonts, or resizing a page. Enfocus PitStop Server provides automatic processing of PDF documents.

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