Enfocus PitStop Pro

Enfocus PitStop Pro

PitStop Professional is an Adobe Acrobat module that offers prepress functions for PDF documents. PitStop Pro is designed for professional publishers and web designers. PitStop Pro includes features such as automatic correction of prepress errors, full-featured interactive editing, global changes within the document (moving, and adjusting the size, color, text, cut / paste, etc.), displaying action lists and global changes in the navigation bar.

With a wide range of editing tools, PitStop Pro provides complete PDF management tools. Using Certified PDF technology allows you to return to the previous version of the file, if necessary. In addition, PitStop Pro can optimize PDF and minimize file size without losing quality, which is important for the archiving procedure.

What PitStop Pro does

PDF Quality Control (Preflight)

Tired of manually checking every page of a PDF for errors? PitStop Pro automatically detects pretty much every possible error in PDF files.

Automatic corrections

Not only does PitStop Pro detect errors, it also gives you the possibility to fix them yourself or have it done automatically.

PDF editing

PitStop Pro also lets you manually edit almost everything in a PDF file without leaving Adobe Acrobat.

Specifications PitStop Pro

◊Editing PDFs

◊Global changes in multiple or bulk PDF files

◊Custom settings for automatic changes throughout the document

◊Insert covers, renumber pages, color conversion

◊Print verification of documents (fonts, colors, objects)

◊Support for standards such as PDF / X, Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications, user profiles

◊Generate preflight reports containing a list of all problems

◊Error navigation followed by automatic correction

◊Display information about the authors and the types of changes made to the document

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