NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

The program allows you to write data from a continuous stream of network traffic to analyze and compose graphs and tables with which you can see who and for what purpose the corporate network was used. With CBQoS monitoring, you can assign the desired priorities to traffic on the network. With the help of NetFlow Traffic Analyzer you can get a full view of the traffic network, find “bottlenecks” and limit the bandwidth to non-respectable employees.

Capabilities NetFlow Traffic Analyzer:

◊Determines which users, applications, and protocols consume the most bandwidth on the network and indicates the IP addresses of the most active users on the network

◊Monitor network traffic by capturing the data stream from network devices, including Cisco ® NetFlow v5 or v9, Juniper ® J-Flow, IPFIX and SFlow

◊It maps the traffic coming from the assigned ports, in which it indicates: source IP addresses, IP address assignments, and even protocols, so that you can learn the names of applications

◊Provides instant administrator notification of exceeding the bandwidth usage threshold

◊Using Class-Based Quality of Service (CBQoS), you can assign the desired priority level to traffic

◊Generates network traffic reports with just a few clicks

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