Messaging Security Gateway

Messaging Security Gateway

F-Secure Messaging Security is an effective critical data protection system that automatically blocks or encrypts e-mail messages sent by company employees if they contain confidential information. Messaging Security Gateway provides virus and spam filtering, while automated management operations allow IT administrators to focus on other tasks.

◊Multi-level protection with global and local reputation in real time

◊Scalable for companies of all sizes, from small and medium to multinational enterprises

◊Less than one million false positives and 99.9% spam detection rate

◊Multiple deployment methods, as a physical, hybrid or virtual device

◊Powerful end-user management tools allow an administrator to easily manage the entire mail environment

◊Features built for the requirements of the most demanding administrators

Messaging Security Gateway provides privacy wherever you need it. Filter incoming and outgoing emails, encrypt your emails, block data leaks, communicate confidentially and save your business confidentially.


Messaging Security Gateway with its political management operations allows IT administrators to focus on what’s important.

Manage your Messaging Security Gateway using our simple web administration portal.

◊Easy to manage the entire postal environment

◊Protect your business from spam, viruses and other security threats

◊Integrated and easy-to-use email encryption without third-party applications

◊No hassle and less support requests for IT professionals

◊To configure end user services easily

◊Protect your confidential data from disclosure