F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper

F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper

Internet Gatekeeper is an excellent digital wrestler for network security. It provides powerful real-time protection against malware and other malicious content in email, files and URLs.

Internet Gatekeeper supports deployment in any virtual environment, in addition to availability as a VMware virtual appliance. It can be deployed as a transparent proxy server. The flexible product architecture allows clustering of a solution that ensures that it is suitable for all sizes.

◊Ensures that malware cannot enter or log out of the corporate network.

◊Provides the best real-time protection service in the gateway product using F-Secure Security Cloud

◊Protection against email malware (SMTP and POP), web traffic (HTTP) and file transfer (FTP)

◊High-precision spam and content filtering for SMTP and POP email traffic

◊Protects all devices on the network regardless of operating system

◊Added security and performance through controlled access via Web Content Control

The Internet gatekeeper, located between the corporate network and the Internet, ensures that malware cannot enter or exit the corporate network.


The easiest and most effective way to stop the distribution of malicious content over the Internet is to stop it already at the network gateway level. The internet gatekeeper can detect malware and other threats, even new ones, without their access to your end devices.

◊Improves operational efficiency due to rapid deployment and simple configuration, ensuring minimal use of administrative resources

◊Saves deployment and administration costs, because it is light and easy to use, it works independently of the various endpoints it protects, but it has all the basic functions that ensure the security of your business.

◊Block malware that jeopardizes data, reduces network bandwidth and increases legal liability.

◊Reduces performance losses, bandwidth consumption and legal risk caused by unauthorized access to inappropriate or distracting web content.

Special features

Email traffic scan
Protection against malware and other malicious code hidden in email

Web traffic scanning
Protection against malware in web traffic

File scanning
Anti-malware protection for file transfer traffic

Spam filtering
Spam detection and filtering at the gateway level

Web Content Management
Restrict access to web content based on categories

Cloud security
Real-time protection against existing, as well as new and emerging threats

EMC Isilon Storage Server Support
Scan files stored in EMC Isilon for malware using the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP)

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