F-Secure Business Suite

F-Secure Business Suite

This is a business security solution that provides the best continuous protection for your organization, combining the best accumulated knowledge, advanced technologies and modern, advanced functions with full control in place. This is a complete set of protection tools designed to meet the demanding needs of business security from the gateway to the end point.

◊Multi-level protection to protect your assets from the gateway to the end point

◊Best security levels, covering both known vulnerabilities and new, emerging threats

◊Advanced management features that allow you to fully control the IT security of your organization

◊Less work on automating daily tasks

◊Less hassle with scalable all-in-one package with flexible and transparent licensing for organizations of any size


Control the security of your business

Effective prevention is a key element of cybersecurity. With F-Secure Business Suite, you get complete security and peace of mind. Powerful management and control functions let you manage security according to your security policies and recommendations.

◊Easy management

◊Excellent administrative control and reporting

◊Improved security with viewers that reduce human error

◊Hermetic end-to-end protection

Much More Than Malware Protection

Designed for both physical and virtual environments, F-Secure Business Suite provides intelligent centralized security management and multi-layered protection against malware and other cyber threats from the gateway to the endpoint, as well as additional security features to support organizations of any type in their cybersecurity issues.

◊Protection of laptops and desktops for physical and virtual environments

◊Full range of server protection

◊Email protection, Internet and FTP

◊Automatic software update


Software update
Automatically fix thousands of apps and versions

Web Content Management
Increase security and performance by controlling access to websites

Connection control
Increase security for sensitive actions such as online banking.

Extended Protection
Block access to selected file types from unknown or malicious sites

Botnet blocker
Stop external control over compromised assets

F-Secure Proxy
Significantly reduce network traffic

Scan and Reputation Server
Disable resource-intensive scanning to a dedicated server

Provides additional protection against extortion and prevents the destruction and falsification of data.

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