Enfocus Switch

Enfocus Switch

It is software that reduces errors and automates repetitive processes, such as sorting and receiving files. Automating with the Enfocus Switch frees up time for experts to concentrate on more important work. Enfocus Switch is a modular solution that integrates with existing systems and third-party applications in order to speed up the processing of tasks.

Enfocus Switch automatically downloads files from one or more FTP servers, receives files as attachments to emails, or processes downloaded files. Then the data is automatically sorted into different folders or transferred to the right place, where each file is ready for processing and archiving.

The Enfocus Switch product is also capable of sending email notifications to sales managers or customers when needed. Enfocus Switch provides automation and integration options for third-party applications from the graphic design industry. The solution easily interacts with Enfocus PitStop Server and PitStop Connect.

Enfocus Switch is a reliable system, the scale and solutions of which can be expanded by connecting script modules, databases and metadata.

Enfocus Switch Modules:

Switch Configurator module – allows you to integrate external applications (for example, Adobe Creative Suite / Cloud, HP Indigo, PitStop Server, …) into your Switch stream in order to further automate complex processes. There are many integrations available for different applications, for example, pre-press preparation, layout, color management, copying, proofreading, image optimization, document archiving, and others.

Switch Reporting module – allows you to create your own dashboard for visualizing your work. At each stage of the production workflow, job files can be tracked in detail using a fully customizable toolbar. At any time, the company can quickly find jobs and identify bottlenecks. In addition, the module also stores historical data for future use, which allows you to constantly improve and increase the efficiency of the entire production.

Metadata Module – allows you to increase the intelligence of the workflow and customize the service to your customers.

PDF Review module – is a simple but powerful PDF approval tool. It is designed to automate and replace manual email checks.

Scripting Module – a module for developing and debugging Visual Basic Scripts, Java Scripts, or AppleScripts.

Database Module – allows you to automate the connection between the database application and your workflow.

Web Services Module – Provides network security and business continuity.

Client Module – allows users to access the Switch remotely.

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