Enfocus Connect

Enfocus Connect

This solution combines the creation and verification of PDF files. The Enfocus Connect product is represented by the individual edition of Connect YOU and the multi-user Connect ALL. The Enfocus Connect YOU app is suitable for freelance designers, individual professionals in the organization and amateur users. Enfocus Connect ALL is intended for agencies, printers and studios that work with external customers.

Connect YOU

Solves all the problems associated with the creation of PDF – files with the aim of creating printed materials. The program allows you to initially set the settings when creating the Connector and from this point on, the application will provide a full cycle of work when creating certified PDF files for printing.

Benefits Connect YOU:

◊Create certified PDF files.

◊Check and correct PDF files using the Enfocus Pitstop engine.

◊Customized rules creation system to fulfill technical requirements.

◊Automated file delivery system for any type of servers.

◊The ability to create an unlimited number of Connector-applications.

◊Ensure each Connector is blocked to avoid making changes to the settings.

Connect All

Aims at full automation of the workflow, which print services sometimes neglect. The work of the program extends not only to the internal working processes of the company, but also to the company’s relations with clients, helping to automate the process of obtaining tasks and their sequence. In turn, this approach will help reduce the number of errors to a minimum and speed up the process of production itself.

Features Connect ALL:

◊Server system to manage automation.

◊Protection of technical characteristics of the project.

◊Automated communication system.

◊Intuitive client interface.

◊Full process control for the service provider.

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