Desktop & Mobile products

Desktop Central

This is a unified endpoint management solution that helps manage servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets from a central server.

Automate your usual desktop management routines, such as installing patches, distributing software, creating images and OS deployments, managing your IT assets, managing software licenses, monitoring software usage statistics, managing USB device usage, managing remote workers tables and more. Desktop Central supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system management.

Manage mobile devices to deploy profiles and policies, device settings for Wi-Fi, VPN, email accounts, etc. Manage smartphones and tablets iOS, Android and Windows.

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Mobile Device Manager Plus

The program helps an enterprise manage mobile devices, configure them, and perform operations from a central console. The administrator registers devices on the network, after which the user gets access to corporate data. If necessary, group users according to certain criteria (belonging to a department, location, etc.) to provide a certain level of access to corporate data. Simplified control panel practically does not require additional training. Tracking asset information makes a decision an important tool for conducting an audit. You can delegate device group management to a specific administrator.

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