Cloud Protection for Salesforce

Cloud Protection for Salesforce

With advanced security analytics, you can analyze all your files and URLs, ensuring that your content is clean and meets your requirements.

The cloud enables organizations to transfer some aspects of their IT systems to reliable service providers, and cloud companies have repeatedly demonstrated that their systems can outperform solutions in the field in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and security. Cloud services are also less resource-intensive for the client company, which reduces the complexity of their use.

How do we protect you?

FILE, URL or email address
Our solution controls the download and upload of files, links, and emails on Salesforce platforms without interfering with the use of Salesforce.

Content is intercepted at Salesforce and is subject to proprietary analysis and threat detection in F-Secure Cloud Security.

The multistage analysis process is performed using various technologies based on the content risk profile.

◊Intellect test
◊Multi-engine antivirus
◊Integrated sandbox

Malicious content is automatically blocked, its further use is prevented, and users are provided with a guide on what to do next.

With extensive reporting, security analysts and full audit trails available on the Salesforce platform, administrators can effectively respond to incidents.

What is the model of shared responsibility in cloud services?

Cloud services provide alternatives to traditional IT infrastructure and often have significant security benefits. They also use the joint responsibility model to protect your content. What does this mean in practice?

As organizations move forward in the use of cloud services, more responsibilities are transferred to suppliers. This means that cloud computing providers and cloud clients are responsible for malfunctions under their control. Simply put: if it happens in the cloud, your provider must protect it.

However, this does not mean that you are released from all your duties. Everything that enters into a cloud from end devices of your organization, is in the plane of responsibility of your company. Industry-leading IT consulting firm Gartner predicts that by 2020, 95% of failures in cloud security will be the result of control by customers. In the light of this prediction, it is important that companies fully understand their models of shared responsibility and are able to perform the appropriate security procedures.

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