Software MAXON CINEMA 4D Visualize is a package for creating, editing, visualizing and animating 3D objects and effects. Revision MAXON CINEMA 4D Visualize provides a full set of modeling, texturing and rendering tools. The system features such functions as global illumination, physical sky, stylized image for sketch and extensive libraries of fillers of 3D scenes, scenes for lighting and much more.

CINEMA 4D Visualize provides import capabilities that allow you to work with models created in various 2D and 3D applications. For a variety of common 3D CAD applications, such as VectorWorks, ArchiCAD and Allplan, there is support for file sharing. In the Visualize environment, it is convenient to create not only simple camera passes and still images, but also visualize realistic animation.

Specifications MAXON CINEMA 4D Visualize:


The user can import the scene from the CAD program to a file of one of the many supported formats or use the universal modeling tool CINEMA 4D to improve the scene or create a new project.

Materials and textures

CINEMA 4D Visualize comes with hundreds of ready-made textures. Regardless of whether the user is an architect, interior designer or product designer, ready-made high-quality materials should simply be dragged onto the stage. You can refine existing blanks or create your own new materials.


CINEMA 4D Visualize provides many easy-to-use animation techniques. You can create a flight of the camera along the spline or make doors and windows open. With the help of the “virtual walk” tool, a walk through the stage and recording of the tour is launched. There are ready trajectories for flying around the stage.

Lighting and rendering

CINEMA 4D Visualize provides the ability to use a variety of types of lighting and shadows. The rendering driver uses all available cores of the computer’s processor to get high-quality results as soon as possible. Specialized functions, such as physical lighting sources IES and SKY, for adjusting natural ambient lighting and global lighting, are optimally suited for calculating reflected light.