MAXON CINEMA 4D Prime software is a package for creating, editing, visualizing and animating 3D objects and effects. Editorial MAXON CINEMA 4D Prime is suitable for computer graphics artists who want to add 3D graphics to their arsenal. MAXON CINEMA 4D is used in such industries as architecture and construction, design and engineering, film and television, creation of games and interactive applications, etc.

Intuitive interface CINEMA 4D Prime allows you to create high-quality three-dimensional images in a few hours after acquaintance with the application. Teaching programs make the development of the system simple and fast. Using CINEMA 4D Prime together with existing applications for 2D graphics opens up many new design possibilities. Powerful tools make it easy to develop images and animations for any application.

CINEMA 4D Prime – an economical solution for starting work with a three-dimensional environment. If the user needs more functions, he can always update his program to any version of CINEMA 4D – Studio, Broadcast or Visualize.


The most common basic forms are represented in MAXON CINEMA 4D as parametric base components that can be converted to polygons to create more complex objects based on them. Together with the objects, various deformers and other generators can be used. Splines serve as the basis for extrusions, lofting, rotation around the axis and curvatures. The system offers an arsenal of UV editing solutions that ensure proper alignment of models and their materials.


To work with textures, the most popular image formats are supported, including PSD layered images. A wide selection of 2D and 3D 3D shaders allows you to create procedural surfaces and images of glass, wood or metal. Using layer and filter shaders, you can combine images with shader effects and filters.


The Timeline window allows you to create separate tracks for each animated parameter and provides layers that allow you to organize and adjust the visibility of objects, tracks and key frames. The main tracks provide easy control of all the keyframes of the object or scene, the plot tool helps to shift or scale any part of the animation. Key frames can be created for almost every parameter of an object, material, or tag.


The lighting system CINEMA 4D with built-in rendering driver allows you to set the lighting of scenes in a short time.


Visualization passages are created in any desired format (in a sequence of images, AVI or QuickTime movies). The generated project file automatically converts all the sequences together into the proper format. Depending on the application used to compose images, additional data such as 3D cameras, 3D lighting or reference objects can be exported.