CINEMA 4D Broadcast

MAXON CINEMA 4D Broadcast software is a package for creating, editing, visualizing and animating 3D objects and effects. The MAXON CINEMA 4D Broadcast edition provides everything you need to quickly and easily generate a dynamic design for the air. The solution is intended for users who are engaged in animation design and are looking for a 3D editor in addition to their own set of tools. CINEMA 4D Broadcast contains all the features of CINEMA 4D Prime, as well as special tools for animation design, including cloning and rendering tools (for example, global lighting), a professional library of 3D models, cameras, lighting settings, video clips, and much more.

Specifications MAXON CINEMA 4D Broadcast:


CINEMA 4D allows you to import 3D geometry in a wide range of file formats or simply select the desired model from the library. The user can create his own objects using the multifunctional set of modeling tools.

Materials and textures

Materials and textures are needed to give the objects the desired appearance. The user can select image files or complex shaders, animations, hand-crafted graphics or any elements from hundreds of finished materials.


CINEMA 4D allows you to create animations using a complex timeline, keyframes and functional curves (F-curves). Almost all parameters of any object can be animated. With the help of effectors and cloning of objects it is convenient to configure complex animation with hundreds of objects in a few clicks. Effectors can act on several clones at the same time, while they are triggered by sound, time and algorithm. MoDynamics makes it possible to generate photorealistic imitations of such physical effects as gravity, collision or friction.

Lighting and rendering

If you need to set the lighting and render the scene, CINEMA 4D offers different options for light sources and shading types, with which you can adjust realistic lighting. In addition, the system includes the global illumination function for creating believable light, physical rendering for realistic lens effects, and using the NET Render function, you can use other computers on the network to speed up the work.