Active Directory products

ADManager Plus

This is a simple and easy-to-use Windows Active Directory (AD) management and reporting solution that helps AD administrators and technical support staff in day-to-day activities. Thanks to a centralized and intuitive web-based GUI, software handles many complex tasks, such as mass management of user accounts and other AD objects, delegates role-based access to technical support specialists and creates an exhaustive list of AD reports, some of which are essential requirement for conducting compliance checks. This Active Directory tool also offers mobile applications for AD, which allow administrators and AD technicians to perform important user management tasks while on the go, right from their mobile devices.

What problems does he solve?

◊Excludes repetitive, routine, and complex tasks associated with managing AD.

◊Automates AD routine management and reporting.

◊ Facilitates the creation, modification, management and deletion of AD objects in bulk.

◊Provides the ability to manage users of AD in their mobile applications.

◊ Acting as an essential resource in compliance audits for rules like SOX, HIPAA, etc.

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ADAudit Plus

An effective solution for auditing and reporting Active Directory on a web-based. Using ADAudit Plus, administrators can audit, track all changes in Windows Active Directory and determine who made specific changes and when. ADAudit Plus allows you to audit and report changes in Active Directory by users, computers, groups, domain policies, and login activity from a central network console. Comprehensive reports in ADAudit Plus are understandable even to technically unprepared users and can be exported to XLS, HTML, PDF and CSV formats with the ability to print.

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus features:

◊View detailed administrative change reports and Active Directory login events.

◊Setting the rules for filtering and sending alerts about certain changes in Active Directory objects.

◊Ability to track changes in Windows Active Directory and determine who made what, when and what changes.

◊Receiving notifications of events on the mailbox.

◊Ability to get a complete history of changes to Active Directory and GPOs.

◊Organization of data and archiving of events for the needs of security and auditing services.

◊ Audit input / output to the Microsoft server environment.

◊ Centralized audit of the folder structure and files of Windows Server and the differentiation of access rights to them in real time.

◊Monitoring successful / unsuccessful changes to files with pre-configured reports and the ability to send email notifications.

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ADAudit Plus

This is an advanced Office 365 tool used for reporting, managing, monitoring, auditing, and generating alerts about important actions. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can easily manage Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft teams and other Office 365 services from one place.

O365 Manager Plus provides comprehensive preconfigured reports in Office 365 and helps you perform complex tasks, including mass user management, mass mailbox management, secure delegation, etc. D. Monitor Office 365 services around the clock and receive instant e-mail notifications when a service is disabled . O365 Manager Plus simplifies compliance management with built-in compliance reports and offers advanced auditing and alerting to ensure that Office 365 is configured securely.

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