Zextras Backup

Zextras Backup

This is a complete cycle backup and recovery solution for Zimbra.

Backup in real time, allows you to save each item and each event on the server to within a split second. Specially designed to protect against data loss due to atomic and constantly consistent algorithms, while disk space is saved by the intelligent system of deduplication and compression.

All recovery modes are transparent to the user and 100% independent of the OS, architecture and version, which allows you to recover data on any supported version of Zimbra, regardless of the version of the original server. Zextras Backup also allows you to take a complete snapshot of the mail system and store it anywhere.

Real Time Backup

Backup any change in real time. Data will no longer be lost due to scheduling errors or an unexpected server problem.

6 recovery modes

Six recovery methods will help at any time to restore the necessary data, from one element to the whole domain.

Save and restore anything

Reserved and restored at any time: all user data, user configuration, service classes, domains.

Ease of use

ZeXtras Backup provides easy configuration and easy management of all backup modes, including reconciliation checks and various security measures through the Zimlet of ZeXtras administration.

100% independence

ZeXtras Backup can recover data on any operating system and architecture supported by Zimbra, regardless of the OS of the source and target servers, architecture and version of Zimbra.

COS-based backup exclusion

Exclude from the reservation one-time service classes that you do not need to save disk space.

Fast recovery in case of emergency

The goal of ZeXtras Backup is to restore work as soon as possible after an emergency. For restoration, you can use both a working folder and an “external backup”. All accounts are restored to working condition in minutes, and data recovery continues.

Self-consistent shots

In addition to working in real time, ZeXtras Backup has an “external backup” feature that allows you to save self-consistent snapshots of data on a Zimbra server at a remote location or tape drive, which provides additional security.

Compressed Backup Storage

Backup Storage ZeXtras Backup supports compression and deduplication and provides high efficiency. The storage size is on average 70% lower than the current amount of data on the server.

Smart storage

Thanks to atomic write algorithms, all data in the backup storage is always 100% consistent and can be transferred to storage devices, such as tape drives and optical disks, even during backup system operation.

100% user transparency

User mailboxes are always available for work, all recovery modes are completely transparent, which reduces the load on the user to a minimum.

Support for shared folder consistency

Data Recovery in ZeXtras Backup always maintains the consistency of shared folders, so they do not need to be reinstalled after recovery.

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