Zextras Admin

Zextras Admin

This module allows you to record all the actions of administrators using the built-in search and browse tool.

Data delegated and global administrators can be requested and viewed directly from the Zextras Management Zimlet. Delegated administrators can log into the Zimbra Control Panel in the same way as global, but with a smaller set of rights. For example, delegated administrators will not be able to edit the settings of the domain, COS, server and global settings. They can only view the data allowed for them and perform account management and management operations. You can assign “delegated administrator” rights to one or several users so that they can manage user accounts and other actions in the domains, freeing global administrators from this. To protect the privacy of users, Zextras Admin provides the ability to selectively enable or disable mail review for delegated administrators.

For each domain, you can set user quotas to insure against too wide quotas and unforeseen waste of disk space, as well as to predict and plan the policy of expanding space. Zextras Admin contains the administration configuration reset feature that allows you to restore all administration settings. So you can reset the current configuration or clear the remaining settings after migrating from Zimbra NE to Zimbra OSE.

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