Trend Micro

About company:

The world’s leading developer of systems to protect against threats coming from the Internet, specializing in ensuring the security of data transmission. The company is the creator of a progressive integrated technology for protecting processes, personal data and intellectual property from malicious software, spam, information leakage and other new types of threats.

Facts and figures:

Year of foundation: 1988
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Official website:

Why Trend Micro?

⇒Affiliate discount;

⇒Free provision of Trend Micro products for own use (SMB line);

⇒The system of protection of partners in competitions – special prices, the best terms of delivery and direct support from the manufacturer;

⇒An additional opportunity to develop your own business with Trend Micro through the use of SaaS (software as a service);

⇒Quality, high-tech and easy-to-manage products that have won recognition from thousands of users around the world;

⇒Advertising and marketing support.


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