Trend Micro Safe Lock

Trend Micro Safe Lock is a solution for stand-alone PCs and closed systems that prevents the introduction and launch of malicious programs. The product provides anti-virus protection for industrial control systems, embedded devices with high availability and specialized devices in closed environments.

Trend Micro Safe Lock restricts the use of the system for strictly defined purposes and allows applications to be launched only from the approved list, excluding the possibility of penetration into the system of malicious and unwanted software from outside networks and external storage devices. The software does not affect the performance of the system and does not require restarting the computer while running. There is no need to update the templates, which allows you to protect terminals without an Internet connection. 

♦User Type: Large Business.

♦Product available:

⇒Trend Micro Safe Lock for the client.
⇒Trend Micro Safe Lock for server.

♦Trend Micro Safe Lock software features:

⇒Protection against unauthorized access, rootkits, malware and viruses penetrating from infected USB devices and third-party networks.

⇒Control the launch of applications in accordance with an approved white list of files, including exe, DLL, driver files and scripts. The list stores file paths and hash values.

⇒Checking the hash sums.

⇒Two execution modes: “block” and “only detect”.

⇒Automatically generate a list of monitored files. Manual editing of the list, export / import of lists.

⇒Support for two types of accounts – administrator and user with limited rights.

⇒Event logging on the Windows Event Log.

⇒The ability to integrate with the malware detection and removal tool for stand-alone PCs and closed systems Trend Micro Portable Security.

⇒Clear graphical interface.

IMPORTANT: The appearance of the product, its configuration and basic specifications can be changed by the manufacturer without prior notification. The description is for reference only and can not be used as a basis for claims. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the full information on the goods can be clarified by the manager by phone +380 44 201 03 03 or by e-mail